Top Chef Creations 廚神美饌
Tominokoji Yamagishi
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Tominokoji Yamagishi


In 2019, kaiseki restaurant, Tominokoji Yamagishi opened the first overseas restaurant in K11 MUSEA, Hong Kong. In keeping with the traditions of Kyoto cuisine, and placing the spiritual foundations upon cha-kaiseki hospitality, Yamagishi offers dishes that allow the customers to fully experience the change of the four seasons by using authentic Kyoto ingredients, not only taking customers on a year-round culinary journey but also allowing them to savour the rich culture of historical Kyoto. Beyond cuisine, Yamagishi draws elements from the tea ceremony, flower arrangement and calligraphy to enlighten the five senses, in the hopes of providing an ambience that is out of the ordinary.

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  “Top Chef Creations" Special Menu

$2500* per person

Features signature sea-urchin hot dog
*The ingredients and food may be changed depending on the season.

Dinner menu

Autumn Conger Pike, Wagyu Beef, Ginkgo Nuts, Bean-Curd Skin, Turnip,
Wasabi, Sticky Sauce, “Yuzu” Citrus Zest

- “Awaji” Natural Sea Bream, Wasabi, “Murame” Purple Perilla, Soy Sauce
with Sea Bream, Sudachi, Aged-Salt
- Japan Sea “Mayoi” Bonito of the Lost, “Kujo” Green Onion with
Sukiyaki Style, Mustard

“Shinjo” Shrimp Dumpling, Grilled Shiitake Mushroom, “Bachiko” Dried
Sea Cucumber Ovaries, “Kyo-Mibuna” Vegetable, Yuzu, Clear soup

Grilled Eel, Japanese Yam, Sea Laver

-Sea-Urchin Hot dog
-Saba Sushi

Monk-fish Liver Pickled with Salt Koji, Fig, Burdock, “Kyo-Mibuna”,
MOMOYAMA white radish, “Kyo-Kanzashi” Carrot, “Shichimi” Black
Pepper, White Miso

“Hounenage” Deep Fried Cod Roe Tofu, Minced” Wagyu” Beef, “Maitake”
Mushroom with “DAITOKUJI Natto” Ground Soup, White Spring Onion

Pickled Chinese Cabbage, Pen Shell, Sesame Sauce

“KOSHIHIKARI” Rice Cooked in Clay-pot
Marinated Cod fish Roe
“ENOKI” Mushroom Compote
Whitebait Stewed with YUZU Pepper

Apple, Pomelo with White Wine Jelly

*Price is subject to 10% of service charge.
*A non-refundable and 3-day ahead settled deposit charged as HKD 500 per person is required.
*If you arrive after your booking is scheduled to begin, no additional time will be added to the end of your session to compensate for lost time.
*If you do not show up for your scheduled booking within 30 minutes from the starting time, your booking will be cancelled and your deposit cannot be refunded.

Shop 506 Level 5 K11 MUSEA Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui
尖沙咀梳士巴利道18號Victoria Dockside K11 Musea 5樓506號舖

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