Top Chef Creations 廚神美饌
Nove at the Fringe - Kwan Kwok Tung
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Nove at the Fringe - Kwan Kwok Tung


Chef Kwan Kwok Tung has been enamoured of Cantonese cuisine since he was 17 years old. With more than 15 years’ experience in well-known Chinese restaurants like Yung Kee Restaurant and Imperial Treasure in Singapore, he further developed his career at China Tang and John Anthony after returning to Hong Kong. During his time with China Tang, he learned under dim sum master Chef Wong Yiu Por, who was the executive chef of Nove. In 2020, Chef Kwan joined Octavo Group as the chief chef of Nove at the Fringe.

“Top Chef Creations" Special Menu

$348 Per Person
(Service of two persons or more)
10% service charge to be added.

NOVE Dim Sum Combination

Classic "Har Gow" Shrimp Dumpling

Chiu Chow Style Dumpling with Black Truffle

Baked Abalone and Cheese Tart


Honey-glazed Iberico "Char Siu" Pork

Double-boiled Wonton, Cabbage, Chicken Bouillon

Golden Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk

Seasonal Vegetables with
Fresh Beancurd in Chicken Bouillon

Yangzhou Fried Rice

Steamed Honey and Brown Sugar Sponge Cake

$688 Per Person (Service of two persons or more)
10% service charge to be added. 

NOVE Appetizer Trio

Classic Prawn Toast

Yellow Wine Marinated Egg

Honey-glazed Iberico "Char Siu" Pork


Double-boiled Silky Chicken Soup,
Matsutake Mushroom, Conch

Pan-fried Tiger Prawn, Supreme Soy Sauce

Stir-fried Garoupa Fillets with
Morel Mushroom and Fungus

Sweet and Sour Pork

Seasonal Vegetables with
Fresh Beancurd in Chicken Bouillon

Signature Baked Pork Chop Rice
with Tomato Sauce

Double-boiled Milk Pudding
with Mashed Taro

The Fringe Club, 1/F, 2 Lower Albert Road, Central, Hong Kong

About the outlet

Nove is a Chinese concept created under the Michelin-starred Octavo Group. Sharing an interest in cultural and heritage preservation with the iconic Fringe Club, Nove serves authentic traditional dim sum, Chiu Chow specialties and refined Cantonese dishes by young and talented Chef Kwan Kwok Tung. It will also bring back to life the elegant room in redefined vintage Chinese chic. More than just food, Nove at the Fringe has an in-house bar corner where the mixologist will create dim sum pairings with Prosecco and Chinese tea cocktails.


Nove at the Fringe是米芝蓮星級餐飲集團Octavo Group的點心中菜品牌,餐廳選址在一級歷史建築物。餐廳提供手工創意點心、潮州滷水及精緻粵菜,由新晉才華廚師關國東掌管粵菜。餐廳設有酒吧角落,調酒為點心及菜式以意大利汽酒或中國菜創作的雞尾酒。

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