Top Chef Creations 廚神美饌
MOTD Concepts - Juniper Wong
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MOTD Concepts - Juniper Wong

甜品 / 糕點
Dessert / Pastry

Juniper’s passion for food sprouted from her family background and ethnicity. Being raised in a traditional Asian family, food has been a make-or-break element of many of her greatest memories, which gave her an opportunity to learn the indispensability of good food to a good life at an early age. Soon enough, she became the designated baker of family annual events and many more celebratory occasions. Hence, opened her first business at the age of 16 with nothing more than holding the hope of spreading love and happiness to the surrounding community in the palms of her hands.

“Top Chef Creations" Special Menu

Vegan Macaron Set "甜•港 (S O L A C E)"
HKD $288 per person
Exclusively in MOTD Concepts on 27-28 November (14:00 - 15:30)

Chef Juniper is collaborating with MOTD Concepts once again, presenting the one and only vegan macaroon set named 甜。港, S O L A C E, featuring the taste of Hong Kong, eulogizing the minute aromatic properties and flavor profiles, that comes with the fruits and unique artistry of brewing.

The idea of 甜。港, S O L A C E came from the grounding elements and emotional prosperity, that embodying the proud identity of a Hong-Konger has embedded in aspiring pastry chef, Juniper Wong through the years. Though much has changed historically, it is in her belief and food philosophy that going back to our roots gives us answers and hope. It gives us the moving propels in going onwards- an extension of her most recent pop-up menu 甜。田, R o o t e d. 

Macarons are traditionally made with meringue, filled will classic flavors such as pistachio, chocolate, vanilla bean etc. In Juniper’s years of training, rarely has she come across ones that are vegan and therefore has decided to create her own in the most authentic, sentimental and culturally significant form.

Solace - ‘comfort or consolation in a time of great distress and sadness’ puts the idea in the most palatable form. And this is where MOTD steps in, as a conglomerate of private dining and event venue, we welcome people from different backgrounds to gather and unwind with the most satisfying culinary experience in town. Not bound by any restrictions, our doors are opened for those who are equally thrilled about the finest delicacy in town as well as some locally rooted bites.

1/F, Union Park Tower, 168 Electric Road, Causeway Bay

About the outlet

Conveniently located in the heart of Hong Kong Island, MOTD is both a private dining and events space, offering up-and-coming global trends in catering. The name itself has no single meaning but is an abbreviation of “Menu of the Day”, when it's full of satisfied diners; “Music of the Day”, when it becomes the venue of a music event, and “Mood of the Day”, when it hosts art exhibitions. Not bound by any restrictions, MOTD is whatever you want it to be.


處於交通便捷的港島區中心地段,匯聚國際化的新派餐飲經營模式,本地全新概念私房餐館暨活動場地 MOTD 已於上月正式開業。從名稱延伸開來,MOTD 沒有單一涵義 —— 以餐廳形式運作的時候,這裏是 Menu of the Day;舉行音樂活動的時候,這裏是 Music of the Day;舉辦藝術展覽的時候,這裏是 Mood of the Day。不受任何規限約束,MOTD 隨你定義。

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