Top Chef Creations 廚神美饌
Boticario - Navneet Kumar
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Boticario - Navneet Kumar



With a decade of experience, true passion and a zest for the industry that can be seen and tasted in every drink he creates, Navneet Kumar is the Group Beverage Manager at S&S Hospitality. A familiar face in competitions of elite bartenders, Navneet won the Bacardi Legacy MTV show in 2015, and not long after that he was approached by Brown-Forman and made brand ambassador for Jack Daniel’s. He then spent a whole year travelling across India, training other bartenders to enhance customer experience by improving the quality of service and implementing proper techniques. During that tenure, Navneet successfully led more than 150 training sessions.

“Top Chef Creations" Special Menu

Time Machine Series

Past - A take on a very famous classic cocktail invented in 1902.  $98

Bacardi carta Blanca, Coconut, Chartreuse Yellow, Sage leaves, Citrus

Present - A drink that uses completely experimental ingredients, going with the trend of experimenting with unknown ingredients.  $110

Sous vide infused Vodka, Organic lettuce, Prosecco

Future – A drink that gives vision to the future of bars by using modern equipment and techniques.  

Blue cheese redistilled Mezcal, Mancino, Campari

Shop G5 & UG 15, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, 66 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East

About the outlet

Located on the vibrant waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui East, and themed around the early farmacias of pre-war Buenos Aires, Boticario delivers comfort cuisine and intriguing beverages that will soothe the soul and calm the mind. The cocktail programme is built around the core concept of “cures for the modern age”, with concoctions defined in four categories: “serendipity”, “sanguine”, “melancholy”, and “nostalgia”. These visually striking cocktails are laced with home-made sodas, phosphates, tonics, tinctures, house infusions and craft spirits, and are all served in Insta-perfect ceramic and glass vessels. Boticario’s indulgent yet accessible food menu aims to please the palates of savvy cocktail lovers.



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